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2017 - It's been a while, but here's where we are...

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So... I've been busy. If you navigate the site you might find a few new things, but here's the skinny of it:

At the end of last year, there was a screening at the famous Brady Cinema in Paris of three of my short films, About Claire, The Shot, and There's something in the woods. The screening was the first time those films had screened with French subtitles, to a French audience, and they were all well received. You can watch the showcase as presented on the night, here

Simana is now available to watch online. For FREE.

I figured it was the right way to go, considering the current political climate. The film is very relevant now, seeing as it is about immigration, and seems to be getting even more relevant by the day (Travel ban anyone?). There's no blatant political statement, more a personal story that happens to take place within a certain kind of environment, and which also happens to be 100% based on actual events that happened. Check it out in the feature film section, where you'll also find the synopsis. 

I was interviewed by the good folks over at Indie Activity

The Hades Pit: Lazarus has a teaser trailer, and is also on the road to being completed, as the post-production process nears the final few stages. 

Tokyo 70, is nearing the end of the editing phase pending a few extra scenes to be shot.

I made a few new music videos, for French artist Côme which was premiered on The Brvtalist. And another for The Shany Moore Jazz Quartet. Watch that here

As well as a promo for the Maedasan Skate company featuring their SS/2016 collection of decks and clothing, which you can check out here

There are a few projects in development, and some potentially nearing the start of production. More on those as they progress. 

What have you been up to? Call me, maybe.