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2016: The Road so far

Added on by Tony Ukpo.

The year has kicked off to a fine start project wise. 

Firstly, there is now an online feature film screeners section for people to watch the feature film work. Email for a password if you are interested in working with me on something of mine, or something of yours, and would like to see what the longer films look like. Serious enquiries only of course. 

The feature film Aliceville is completed, as is Simana, and both are on their way to a potential festival circuit and release strategy. As always I'm still experimenting with various avenues of distribution that are fitting for the current landscape, and in essence trying to find the best way to release the films into the world. As the system is constantly shifting, certainly for independents, it is something to be looked into without any kind of finality as to what is and isn't possible or viable for a film. Interesting times indeed

Tokyo 70 is finally in the edit, and I'm aiming to have that be this year's feature film release. As with Paris 60, this will also follow a more personal and less financially motivated distribution path, which should mean that it should be available a lot quicker than some of the other pictures. 

The Hades Pit Lazarus has been shot and is in editing currently, and moving along well (Thank you again Kickstarter backers!!)

Circling all those are a few feature film scripts that are either being resurrected, continued, or revised entirely following new stimuli, and some seedling ideas being finally developed into more fully rounded projects. And then there's the possibility of some serial narrative work that I can't talk about. Ooooh, mysterious!


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