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Added on by Tony Ukpo.

Been meaning to write a new update for the site, but as it turns out the year has been a busy one. 

After The World Ended has been released on VHX, you can go and check it out HERE, please support as it is an indie release, and hopefully you'll find at least one thing in the extras worth your while for the purchase, with more to come. The films soundtrack, with a score by Nikolas Labrinakos also got an official release through MovieScore Media, and is available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon music and other good music retailers online

Mum, Dad, Meet Sam had it's Nigerian release this summer in July, and is still on general theatrical release, with releases in other territories in the works. I was also nominated for Best Comedy over the last 10 years at the Inaugural British Urban Film Festival Awards, which is in September in London. An honour as always to be nominated. 

Aliceville is now officially completed, and is going to begin its release cycle soon, and Tokyo 70 is officially into the edit stage after some final major filming this summer, with a hopeful release by the end of the year. 

Random 11 is now available on DVD in North America, via Amazon and other sites. 

The last month also saw the release of a music video (on spec) for the band Warpaint, for a track from their self titled album, Feeling Alright. Shot on location in Southern California (You can find it in the music videos section). I was interviewed for the Tino Orsini Show podcast, and otherwise have been keeping busy prepping a few other projects to close out the year, including a new dramatic feature film to be shot in London, and a short proof of concept style sci-fi film based on the world of the in development feature film The Hades Pit. Watch out for the Kickstarter page launching in the coming months, and please support it, because it is going to be amazing if we get to do it. 

There are a few new videos in the film sections under experiments and promos, a brand new Director's Reel, as well as some additions to the feature film section (you can now watch trailers without leaving the site, you're welcome), and some new press items that have turned up. Including a mention in Variety no less. There are also some behind the scenes interviews in the BTS section, including with Haruka Abe and Clive Russell

All in all, business as usual. Here's to more before the year runs out.