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1 Short, 1 Long, and other stories

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The Kickstarter campaign for The Hades Pit: Lazarus was successful! Production on that film will begin in early 2016, and will star Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Stephanie Sheh, and Brina Palencia. The film is adapted from the story of the in development feature film, The Hades Pit, and will act as a stand alone sci-fi short film, as well as a proof of concept for the larger feature film. You can watch the sizzle reel for The Hades Pit here

Shooting will commence on a new feature film, Simana, in mid November, starring Stephanie Sheh, and an ensemble female cast including Vera Chok. The story is a Brecthian inspired Orwellian style tale about immigration. 

Mum, Dad, Meet Sam is going to be screening at the Peckham Plex in London as part of Black History Month on October 29th. This follows the London premiere, and its theatrical run in Nigeria. 

The soundtrack for After the World Ended by Nikolas Labrinakos was nominated for the Jerry Goldsmith award for best original score for a feature, and  is still on general release on all online music outlets (Spotify, Itunes, Amazon music). 

Other projects bubbling away as this year draws to a close. It's been a busy one, and there is more to come. 

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