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2015: The year we made...

Added on by Tony Ukpo.

This year is full of creative possibilities, and it is going to be one that births a few long gestating projects, as well as see the release of the latest works made over the last year. The image above is a representation of this years slate, and can be broken down as follows:

2 INDIES - where we see the release of independent feature films Aliceville, and Tokyo 70. After the world ended would also fall into release this year, but as it was completed last year, is not counted in the new works.

6 FEATURES - where we begin to place into active development, 6 larger feature film projects. Some new, some old passion projects waiting for the right time, and some revisited ideas given new life. Script completion, casting, and financing all leading towards green lighting the projects for the near future. This is a long term slate of original projects that are a mix of different kinds of stories and genres.

4 SHORT FILMS - where some experimental narrative techniques shall be tested, as well as the creation of an off shoot of a larger feature film script.  

PHOTOGRAPHY - where I focus on several photo projects. The outcomes of which may then be put up for sale or print

Those goals are by no means exclusive, as floating around them are another indie, another larger feature film, and a novel in progress among other things, and leaving room for other ideas to take shape and have a voice.

There are a few things to think about this year, but I feel this is the year where there is a return to the source, and a much needed redressing of the elements.

And I can't wait...

In other news, Mum, Dad, Meet Sam was recently nominated for a Screen Nation award for  Best African/UK feature film ahead of its big screen debut in theatres in Lagos, Nigeria this March. You can vote for us at the link below:



And so starts the year of 2015. Here's to good things. Be seeing you