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Lauren Bacall: 1925-2014 | and other stories...

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For the longest time, I wanted to send a handwritten letter to Mrs Bacall. It stayed on my to do list for the longest time, stayed in my thoughts. Every so often I would come up with things to say, and things I wanted to let her know. I'd think of some stupid joke that I hoped might make her laugh should she ever get to read the letter. I fantasised about what my first film working with her would be like, kind of like how Tim Burton got to work with his hero Vincent Price in his lifetime. I would go and look up things she might be working on, ponder on the ones I had seen, and wonder about those I hadn't wondering if they would be worth it even if only for her. Of course I didn't have the honour of knowing her, like so many of us not within any easy reach of personalities, but like I'm sure so many, her person, and her body of work fascinated, inspired, and motivated me. The way some people obsess over Marilyn Monroe, I adored Lauren Bacall. Out of all the actors from that period, of all the people, she was one of those who stood out the most to me. I'll probably still write that letter some day. But then maybe it's better to keep those memories and feelings as a way of honouring what it was she meant to me personally. I'll never know until I either go ahead and write it, or keep dreaming about it as I have done right up until this very moment. She always hated being referred to as an icon or a legend. But I think finally, the title has imposed itself upon her, and I feel she can now finally graciously accept it. I just felt I had to say something, because especially as a filmmaker and a lover of cinema, a cinematic hero means so much more than just another famous face. It might have been her time, and she lived many wonderful moments, as much as she gave, but it will always be too soon.

A very special mention about Robin Williams as well, who as Billy Crystal so eloquently put it, was always so present in our lives, both on screen and off, as a personality, and a talent. They shall both be missed, but we will always... always have the movies. 


In other news, Mum, Dad, Meet Sam is almost complete.

After the World ended has finally gotten those last VFX shots that it's been waiting for, which means very very soon, it shall be unleashed into the world.

New trailers have been put out for The Fighter's Ballad and Random 11's upcoming US releases, see them here, and here

And Aliceville starts shooting in about two weeks. What else is new? Well my mind isn't really with updates today, and I think Mrs Bacall deserves the floor. 

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