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Side Projects and Open Letters

Added on by Tony Ukpo.

So I just wanted to say thanks to those who saw and supported my open letter about Americanah. Something may come of it, or maybe not. You never know in this business, which is why you find a lot of people always seemingly trying so hard. I always find it a bit weird "selling" myself, but it's all part of the territory, a certain level of earnestness. Which hopefully when managed correctly, doesn't come across as arrogant or over bearing. I will be working on the campaign over the year as the film moves further along in development, so do keep spreading the word. 

A brief glimpse of current projects would be:

- 2 in Post (After the World Ended + Mum, Dad, Meet Sam)

- 1 in Pre (Aliceville)

- 1 Shooting (Tokyo 70)

- 3 in development (To be continued)

But I wanted to take a moment to talk about artistic side projects of mine. 

I've always been an avid photographer, and it's been a long time since I embarked on a proper photo project. As such, I have about 3 different things in mind, each to varying degrees of complexity. I shall talk about those the closer I get to initiating them. But in the meantime, I have transformed my Instagram feed from mobile photography, to Film photography and drawings, all of which you can find at the instagram link somewhere in this page window. I've also transferred all my mobile photography dailies to VSCO, and those can be found in the mobile photography link in the site nav menu. 

I will however have a selection of day to day candids and sketches and such that are outside of special projects, which I shall post in the Visual art section of the site, so do check back if you're interested in following any of that. I could just do a dedicated Tumblr for my photos (I actually do have one), but figure it would be nice to have some of the select ones live here for the most part.


Anyway, that's the rambling of the day. More news soon.

Be seeing you