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There's quite a lot going on, but I shall try and make it concise by using bullet points:

- Science-fiction feature After the world ended is still in post, the longest post period I've ever had for one of my films, but that's what you get working in the indie sector and trying to get things done to reasonable quality on poor means, however it is looking hopeful that any day now, it will be ready to finally show the world. 

- Romantic Comedy Mum, Dad, Meet Sam is out of post! We're just working on the score for the film now, after which all the various releases will be planned. Go and check out the official site for more info on how that is coming along

- Pre production on drama Aliceville, a new feature film about a young skater girl having an existential crisis. You can find a teaser poster for it in the feature films section. Should be shooting in September in London all things being equal. 

- The follow up feature film to Paris 60, Tokyo 70, is in the process of shooting. As it's docu-fiction, there are elements that are evolving as the process goes on, and as such there is no real set timeline, other than whatever ends up being the right one. Another personal passion project, and one I hope works well in the series of what should be 3 films. 

- #Americanah ! I'm campaigning to be considered as the director for the newly acquired Lupita Nyong'o and Brad Pitt produced film of the Chimamanda Adichie novel. It's a long shot, but i wouldn't forgive myself for not trying. The worst that could happen is they go with someone else, so I'm going to give it my best effort, as I really feel compelled to be a part of this film. Will be posting and sharing round an open letter soon. Any help from anyone in either getting in touch with the production, or just sharing round my intentions, would be much appreciated. 

- A couple of smaller projects, including a music video for the California based band Crown Plaza, and some other explorations in Short fiction. 


Hope you enjoy the new site, and I hope to be more regular with news updates. As they happen, rather than months after the fact.