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Mum, Dad, Meet Sam Premiere, After the World Ended launch, and other stories

Added on by Tony Ukpo.

So, there was an industry screening of the romantic-comedy I directed, Mum, Dad, Meet Sam a few weeks ago, which went quite well. The film is to premiere in London next month. That will mark the first big premiere of a feature film of mine in London, which should be interesting. 

Also, After the world ended is finally finally done! As far as the resources we had to make it, I think we did a damn fine job. I can only describe what the effect on an audience might be as watching an "Arty Grindhouse Science-fiction drama", and that won't be a bad thing in my book. Will very happily "Lucas" it whenever I get a chance. Really makes me eager to get the chance to explore and get the chance to make the other films from the earth future universe. One day. You can keep an eye out over at the VHX page for the film here:


I registered that page two and a half years ago now, finally getting to use it, and happy it's happening now, with VHX going from strength to strength. Really such a nice and fresh approach to the self distribution platform, right down to the slightly retro loading icon they have for their videos. Love it!

The Hades Pit Kickstarter is nearing the 11th hour, and I'm still hopeful we may get a second wind pushing us all the way to our goal, but i'm confident that either way, the film will find a life somewhere, whatever the means of getting it there. There has been so much support for the project, and i'm so happy that people are responding well to it. Do go and visit and donate at the link below:


Aliceville is having its music created, an original score from Nikolas Labrinakos who worked on After the world ended. While I also work on the sound edit and design, with the picture pretty much locked. If christmas comes early for me, it would be in the form of a Sundance acceptance email. Not holding my breath, but you never know. It's a funny thing being an independent filmmaker, the uncertainty and the lack of real resources. But it sure is liberating.

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