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The Road so far: Closing out 2014

Added on by Tony Ukpo.

It's been a busy year.

Shot feature film number 6 which is currently in post-production (Aliceville), number 5 (Mum, Dad, Meet Sam) premiering theatrically in London this December (Details HERE), number 4 finally out of post production and ready to screen (After The World Ended), number 7 in progress (Tokyo 70), and number 8 being cooked up for 2015, as well as a few other possibilities floating around.

In between those there have been a few more experimental and narrative shorts, a few music videos, a campaign to Direct the feature film Americana whose rights were bought by Lupita Nyong'o, and curating the VTv music program for The Little Radio Company, as well as planning other programming for that side project, among other things including more photography. 

I'd say it's been a relatively good year, productivity wise.

And I say that as an independent filmmaker, who has been able to keep working on projects and being productive, without having many if any resources at my disposal (Not counting feature number 5 which was produced with a budget (even if low) and sizeable crew by another production company, which I was hired on for).

I'm veering back towards a more European mood with my work, and also have decided to potentially make a rather bold leap next year as far as how I approach the finish line of new independent work I produce. A decision partly to do with slight disenchantment with industry manoeuvring and a few other reasons, but will see how it goes.  

Next year will hopefully hold more stories, more films, and with any luck, more resources to make them. 

And so I would like to sign off for now, likely until 2015, unless anything substantial happens between now and Christmas. Please do check out the links above to the various projects, check out the photography section which now has a few project links including my ongoing candids series, as well as a portrait series. And of course mobile photography on my VSCO feed. 

Be seeing you.