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Aliceville, Hades and other stories

Added on by Tony Ukpo.

An 8 day shoot complete on Aliceville without incident, followed by a Barry Allen worthy 2 day picture edit to make the Sundance festival deadline! Fingers crossed it was worth it. But saying that, the film is actually now nearly at picture lock before the post finishing process begins. Happy to get back to quick turnaround post periods after the much slower completion for After the world ended (which was to be expected, but still unfamiliar). The shoot went really well, and couldn't be happier with the result. Hoping the same applies to people when they eventually see it, wherever and however that may be. 


In other news, I finally took the Kickstarter plunge, by launching the campaign for a long gestating sci-fi horror project called The Hades Pit, which I wrote some years ago, which I'm hoping to  now be able to make through the power and good will of the audience who would like to see it. It's asking for a fair bit of money, though still paltry by industry standards, so hoping that I may have a good shot at it. So here I am asking for your support, dear reader. You can find all the information, including my humble (and perhaps slightly awkward and timid) pitch video introducing the project, at this link http://kck.st/Z9QPQR , which I also hope that even if you are not able to contribute personally, that you will be able to pass on to as many people as possible. Zach Braff got flack for being a famous person squandering the resources of indie filmmakers (up for debate still so I hear), so here I am, an indie filmmaker, standing in front of you... you know the rest. Also, big thanks to Twitch Film who did a little push to help us out. 


Also, My other feature, The Fighter's Ballad came out on DVD in the US at the end of last month. Some cover art I don't approve of, but hey, if you buy it you'll see the film is much more interesting. 


Be seeing you.